2014 Texas Warrant Roundup Is Days Away

Read this article to gain a greater insight into why it makes sense to retain a traffic violation law firm (consider http://irving-trafficticketlawyer.com) as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup gets closer. Here’s a list of participating jurisdictions.

If you ever settle previous traffic citations during the Warrant Roundup, have a look at examples of the consequences you are going to incur:

Your record is going to have 2 points for every single moving violation.

Your record is going to incur 3 points for each and every accident violation.

If you ever receive SIX points within your Texas Department of Public Safety driving history anytime throughout a 3 year time period, for not less than 36 months you’ll have to pay surcharges every year.

Surcharges start off from one hundred dollars each year and increase twenty-five dollars per point for each and every point above a half dozen points.

Your license could be suspended if you pay off 4 or maybe more moving violations that happened within a 12 month period.

An individual’s suspension can be lengthened and you can be accused with a Class B Misdemeanor and even spend as much as 180 days behind bars, if you should drive a car while in the suspension.

You are going to have to pay an automatic surcharge of $250 each year for the next 36 months in the event you pay out a no insurance (financial responsibility) citation.

Not being able to shell out this surcharge will certainly result in the suspension of your permit.

Shelling out 2 no insurance coverage tickets at whatever time period for the period of your own full driving career will result in your Texas vehicle operators permit being suspended by the Department of Public Safety.

If you drive in the course of the actual suspension, your licence suspension might be expanded and you may be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and spend up to one hundred eighty days behind bars.

Texas Warrant Round Up

A traffic ticket attorney (find out more at http://grandprairie-trafficticketlawyer.com) can help you avoid these consequences. Here’s how:

Do not Pay Those Citations; Post A Bond As An Alternative!!!

A traffic ticket attorney can post a bond for you!

You may safeguard your driving history, secure your insurance rates, stop points, prevent surcharges and avoid licence suspensions far more efficiently.

You actually really don’t have to shell out the fines as well as endure all the hidden consequences; the law provides a superb approach to be able to get out of police warrants without having to do so. A bond will be all it might take.

By posting a bond, you actually are no longer subject to arrest under the warrant. A bond will suspend the warrant. When you put up a bond, you avoid conviction on the tickets.

Instead, when you put up a bond, you will receive a new Court date to go to court and fight your old tickets.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a traffic ticket is just like a bill or a debt. Supposed collection letters from City and County collection agencies are tricks. A traffic ticket is NOT a bill or debt you owe. Don’t let them trick you.

Traffic citations are no more than an accusation you violated a criminal law. As such, you are presumed not guilty and don’t owe any kind of fines to the Court unless you are convicted. If you don’t “guilty” or “no contest,” the State, in the form of a prosecutor working for the Government, has the burden of proving your guilt to a jury or a judge beyond a reasonable doubt.

After you have posted a bond, there are other things you can do to avoid conviction that will protect your driving record, your insurance rates, your driver’s license, and protect you from expensive points and surcharges. These include Deferred Adjudication and Defensive Driving.

You can put up a bond three different ways: 1) You can post a cash bond for the whole amount of the bond yourself, 2) You can post a surety bond through a bonding company, or 3) You can post a surety bond through an traffic citation lawyer.

A traffic violation law firm who posts bonds for you will also help with the defense of your cases once bonds are posted.