Be Ready In 2014 With Last Year’s Changes In Texas Traffic Law

In case you are stopped by a cop and issued a citation for one of the new offenses on the books in Texas in 2013, you should reap the benefits of working with a traffic citation lawyer (look at ) who will allow you to avoid wasted time, points against your license, coupled with a fine or warrant.

Listed here are the new laws in brief:

School crossing zones at public elementary, middle, or junior high schools are now considered places that limitations apply on the utilization of mobile phone devices and the like, where the zone happens to be designated by the local authority. The periods of limitation are controlled by the occasions when reduced speed limits are in effect. In case you are stopped, making an emergency call, or employing a hands free device, you’ll not be subject to the limitation. You will be strongly advised to utilize a local traffic violation law firm (visit ) to assist you with your citation if you are charged with violating this new law.

The maximum fine for passing a stopped school bus loading or unloading children has been increased from $1,000 to $1,250, and minimum fines have gone up from $200 to $500.If you’re convicted twice due to this violation inside 5 years, this is now a misdemeanor with a fine ranging between $1000.00 and $2000.00. If you get cited because of this misdemeanor, we suggest retaining a local traffic citation lawyer.

A driver can now use their own cellular telephone to offer confirmation to an investigating traffic police officer the driver has a valid policy of automobile insurance coverage. You can now use your cell phone in order to show that you’ve got insurance protection if a traffic law enforcement officer asks you to produce such proof. Showing the officer your phone like this will not authorize the police officer to browse the phone for any other info. If you get cited due to this, we recommend getting a local traffic ticket attorney.

If you approach a Texas Department of Transportation vehicle having its lights on, and it isn’t separated from the roadway by using a traffic-control device, you are required to reduce speed.This provision expands the Move Over/Slow Down rule, which already requires vehicle operators give way to tow trucks, police, fire and emergency vehicles. Employ a local traffic violation law firm if you happen to be ticketed due to this offense.

It is now a misdemeanor violation, punishable up to $200.00, to drive on a public roadway while not exhibiting the two license plates; back and front. If you’ve found yourself ticketed because of this misdemeanor we recommend hiring a nearby traffic ticket attorney.