Great Warrant Roundup Almost Here!

Read this article to gain a greater insight into why it makes sense to retain a traffic ticket attorney as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup gets closer.Here’s a list of participating jurisdictions.

In the event you pay off aged traffic citations during the Warrant Roundup, here are just a handful of the implications you may have:

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TWO points on your driving history for every moving violation.

THREE points on your driving history for every single accident violation.

You have to pay surcharges every year for a minimum of 3 years if you get 6 points on your DPS record anytime within a 3 year time frame.

Starting at $100 each year, for each and every point on top of six points surcharges go up twenty-five dollars for every point.

In the event you pay four or even more moving violations which happened during a year, your current permit could very well be suspended.

Your suspension could be increased and you can end up being accused with a Class B Misdemeanor and even spend as many as one hundred and eighty days in jail, should you drive during the suspension.

Spending money on any no insurance (financial responsibility) infraction will result in you having an automatic surcharge of $250 each year for the following 36 months.

In case you neglect to pay this surcharge, your Texas driver’s licence will be suspended.

Should you shell out a pair of no insurance coverage tickets at whatever point in time throuhout your own complete driving career, your own Texas vehicle operators licence will wind up being suspended by the DPS.

If you operate your vehicle in the course of the actual suspension, your current permit suspension can be prolonged and you may be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor as well as spend up to one hundred eighty days behind bars.

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A traffic violation law firm can help you avoid these consequences. Here’s how:

Don’t Pay Those Tickets; Post A Bond Instead!!!

A traffic violation law firm (check out can post a bond for you!

You may protect your driving history, secure your insurance premiums, stop points, prevent surcharges and avoid licence suspensions considerably more efficiently.

You actually do not have to pay the charges and suffer all of the disguised. penalties; the legal system offers a wonderful method to be able to get out of police warrants without needing to do so. It’s called a bond.

You can no longer be placed under arrest under the warrant if you post a bond. A bond has the effect of suspending the warrant. When you post a attorney bond, you are not convicted for the tickets.

When you post a bond, you’ll instead receive a brand new Court date on which your attorney will go to court and fight your old tickets.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a traffic ticket is just like a bill or a debt. Texas municipalities and counties want to trick you into thinking that it is a debt obligation by sending you lots of letters that appear to be debt collection letters. You don’t owe a debt on a traffic ticket. Don’t fall for this trick.

Traffic tickets are no more than an allegation you violated a criminal law. You don’t owe any kind of fines to the Court unless you are convicted, and you enjoy the presumption of innocence unless and until this happens. If you don’t “guilty” or “no contest,” the State, in the form of a prosecutor working for the Government, must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are other ways you can avoid conviction while protecting your driving record, your insurance rates, your driver’s license, and saving you from expensive points and surcharges, once you have posted a bond.

You can post a bond three different ways: 1) You can post a cash bond for the whole amount of the bond yourself, 2) You can post a surety bond through a bonding company, or 3) You can post a surety bond through an traffic citation lawyer (take a look at

A traffic ticket attorney who posts bonds for you will also help with the defense of your cases once bonds are posted.